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About Wishmodo

Are you tired of keeping track of your wishes in a Word document, or jotting them down on slips of paper and then losing them?

We have the perfect solution – Wishmodo.

Wishmodo is a free social shopping service that makes it easy for you to save and share all the fantastic and interesting things you find in stores and online. 

Items are easily collected online or from stores and organized using simple lists. Share lists and items with others or keep them private. You can collect and discover products you like, recommend your favorites, share and explore gift suggestions and coordinate your gift buying by commenting and reserving wishes.

Items from any online store or Website can be saved with just one click of the Wishmodo button, which you can install and add to your browser’s toolbar. Details including the product name, image, price and where to buy are collected automatically. You can browse the Web in search of wishes or check out our shopping catalogue for inspiration.