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This page will provide a quick guide to help you use the Wishmodo Website. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us by email to:


You can register at any time via any of our pages when you are not logged into the service already. You can also register via Facebook or by entering a username of your choice, a password, your full name and an active email address. Please ensure the email address you provide is active and one you have control over. Registration is free.

The Wishmodo Button

Using our wish list button is an easy way to build your wish list. After registering, you will be prompted to install a plug-in or extension that works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. After installing this plug-in, you can browse the Web and add any product from any online shop simply by clicking the wishmodo button. If you add a wish without having made a wish list, you will be prompted to make a wish list that you can add the product to.

Making Your First Wish List

To make your first wish list, log in or register, and click the “Create Wish List" link. You will be presented with a new page where you will be asked to choose a name for your wish list and where there will be space to add items to your wish list. Moreover, you can choose whether you want your list to be publicly available or private, i.e. only available with the use of a password.

Once you have created your list, you can start adding wishes. Simply add links, text and pictures or browse the Web and click the wishmodo button whenever you see something you want.

Viewing and Editing a Wish List

You can view and edit a wish list under My Wishmodo Lists when you are logged in. Simply click "Delete" or "Edit" on your personal wish list.

Commenting on Wish Lists – and Reserving Wishes

To make it easier for your friends and family to coordinate their gift buying, they have the option to comment on and reserve wishes on your wish list. You will not be able to see their activity on your wish list. You will also have the option of commenting and reserving wishes on their wish lists without them knowing what you want to buy.

Tell Your Friends about Your Wish List

It’s important that you let all your friends and family know about your wish list. The easiest way to do this is to share it with them on Facebook. Simply click the Facebook icon above your wish list. Another option is to share your list via email. To email a wish list link to your friends or family, just click on the email envelope on your wish list. You can add as many emails as you wish.

Important: Emails will be sent with your name as the sender and your email address as the return email address. This is because you are the one sending the email, not us. Even though the email is sent from our servers, we take no responsibility for these emails. If you want to send one to your friends through your own email program, take note of the URL when you view a wish list, copy it and send it to your friends.

Viewing a Wish List

To view a friend’s wish list, go to the Friends' Wish Lists page, and search for their email address or username using the search field.  If you are logged in, you can discuss who will buy which gift with your friends and family. You can also reserve items to let others know that you are interested in buying it or to let people know that it has already been bought. We also provide a link to the Website where you can buy the items. is Free

Wishmodo is a free service. It costs nothing to use and we will not ask you for money to use the service.