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Canon Elph Jr. APS Camera

Setting a new standard for compactness and affordability, the Canon ELPH Jr. brings the benefits of Advanced Photo System technology to a wider audience. Extremely thin and lightweight, the ELPH Jr.'s physical presence disguises its huge photographic power. Utilizing a new 4-part, 4-group lens design, the ELPH Jr. is equipped with a fast f/2.8 fixed-focal-length lens that delivers sharp, high-contrast images with minimal peripheral aberration. Its precise active AF system assures you of sharp, crisp pictures in a wide variety of shooting situations and a focusing range of 1.5 feet (0,45m) to infinity.The Advanced Photo System technology provides a wide range of benefits. Film loading is as simple as dropping the Advanced Photo System film cartridge into the chamber. There's no leader film to position on a take-up spool, no wasted film or user error. With the ELPH Jr., you can freely switch to one of three picture formats at any time, at any point in the roll. Take traditional pictures in a 2:3 format using the C (Classic) setting; make sure everyone gets into the group shot with the H (wide angle) mode; and bring home panoramic shots of scenery with the P (Panoramic, 1:3) format, all in one versatile system. Masks in the ELPH Jr.'s viewfinder clearly identify the selected ratio for you, so you'll see exactly what will appear on film. ELPH Jr. goes even further to assure you of quality pictures by magnetically recording five types of digital data on every shot. When your film is developed, Advanced Photo System processing equipment reads the data, called Print Quality Improvement (PQI) and makes automatic adjustments in the developing process to deliver the highest print quality possible. With Canon ELPH Jr., outstanding picture quality is no small feat.